May 25, 2015

PaidVerts review

PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers!  

 PaidVerts is an affilaite advertising program.Paid Ads will be delivered to your account daily. All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text.

What is PaidVerts?

PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.

Advertisers purchase ads there system.
They then deliver those ads to proven valuable users,
and provide those users with instant cash incentives
to interact with the advertiser.
Advertisers thereby pay for guaranteed communication
of their products to proven valuable users.

Their method of communication is both direct and powerful!
That, combined with there value targeting systems,
help advertisers stop wasting their money on junk traffic.
To instead target individuals proven capable of affording what they have to offer.
And in turn enabling to provide those users with worthwhile rewards
for their time and attention.
As nobody worth a damn, wants to waste their time earning pennies.

They are the Paid To Click that pays dollars!


How to Earn as a Free Member

As a Free member of PaidVerts No deposit is required to earn money.
Just signup a free account, click on one or more activation ads,
found in your members homepage to accumulate Bonus Ad Points
(and activate your account!).
And then you will begin receiving Paid Ads!

Click on the paid ads issued to you,
and the cash value will be added to your account balance.
That you can then cashout as soon as you meet the minimum
required for your payment method of choice.
$1 is the minimum cashout amount for PayPal for example.

In addition to the above, you can optionally refer friends / advertisers!
And you will earn cash commissions every time they purchase advertising,
or interact with paid ads.

Recommended Upgrades

Users have 18hours to click on the ads issued to them,
or they are automatically recycled to another user.
Purchase a pro upgrade from your My Account page, to gain priority receiving these ads.
Bonus Ad Points are how we measure your proven value to prospective advertisers.
The more you accumulate, the larger value ads your account will gain priority in receiving.

April 4, 2015

PTC Guide

What is PTC?

PTC (Paid To Click) is a service where members earn a small amount of money for viewing ads. It is 100% legitimate business and has been around since the beginning of the internet. While most people that join and try PTCs may get frustrated with the lack of money to be made each day, there are some people that "get it" and realize that the money is made by building a downline and keeping them active and clicking. There is a huge gap in the trustworthiness and value between the top sites and the "wannabe" sites. Don't waste your time with the rest, just go with the best.

How do I earn money with PTCs?

There are three basic streams of income from all PTCs:
  • Income from your personal actions on the site (viewing ads, doing mini-jobs, etc)
  • Commissions paid to you from RRs (Rented Referrals)
  • Commissions paid to you from DRs (Direct Referrals)

How much money can I make?

If you are willing to put a small amount of time each day,  you should be able to make well over $100 per month spending around an hour or two each day. Some users make several thousand dollars per month with more of time commitment with use of Traffic Exchanges to help build their direct referral base. It WILL NOT happen overnight, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already reached by many PTC members.

How do I get started?

Click on any of the PTC banners  and begin making money online.

Clixsense - Ads : ~50/day , Ads Click Rate : $0.001 - $0.02 , Referrals-Earnings:20%-40%, Minimum payout:$8 ,Paypal/Payza/LR.
Neobux - Ads : ~50/day , Ads Click Rate : $0.001 - $0.015 , Referrals-Earnings:50%-100%, Minimum payout:$2, Paypal/Payza.
Legacyclix - Ads : ~40/day , Ads Click Rate : $0.001 - $0.005 , Referrals-Earnings:50%-100%, Minimum payout:$2, Paypal/Payza.
ClixBox - Up to $0.0125 per click , $0.0125 per referral click , $0.17 price for rented referrals, Minimum payout:$4, Paypal/Payza.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
WordLinx - Ads : ~0/day , Ads Click Rate : $0.001 - $0.01 , Referrals-Earnings:10%, Minimum payout:$10, Paypal.

March 24, 2015

Review of Clixbox

You'll find 4 ads daily for a price per click of 0.005 $ when you're standard user. The latest status attributed to this site by nbr is : scam. By looking at our grade, you can see at a glance if this Paid To Click is a scam or legit PTC.

The minimum to cashout is 4 $ and the TOS said that the payment deadline is some days. You can choose among the following payout methods : PerfectMoney, Egopay , Payza, Paypal. With this P.T.C. website you will win 30 % of your referral earnings.

The total number of members reached was 40000 at the last update. We suggest you to use this link to be referred on Clixbox.

This website is available in english.

    Payout : 4 $
    Members count : between 10 000 and 100 000
    Average referral rate : 30%
    Payment within : some days
    Profit per click : 0.005 $
    Available clicks per day : 4
    Payment solutions : PerfectMoney, Egopay , Payza, Paypal
    Main currency : $
    Language : english
    Chart comes next month.

February 14, 2015

Small Course for Beginners

How to Building Your Business-Tools You Need


We will now look at a few of the things you will need.
1. A dependable computer (Hey if you are still using windows 95 on a 486 get real.) You need a fairly fast computer with enough ram to allow you to traverse the net. You should be running at the minimum a Pentium 4 or equivalent computer with at least 256 k ram. You can get started with an older machine but you should seriously plan on upgrading to a newer, more powerful model as soon as possible. This is your number one tool and it has to work for you to be effective.
2. An internet connection; preferrably high speed (Cable or DSL). If you intend to build a progressive business dial-up just won't cut it. You can start that way but a faster connection should be one of the first upgrades in your budget.
3. You need antivirus and spyware protection for your computer.
4. Stationary and supplies � Pens, papers, files folders, index cards, a log book, an appointment calendar etc.
That will get you started for basics. .

January 10, 2015

Small Course for Beginners

How to Building Your Business-Affiliate Marketing


Meriam Webster defines affiliate as a : to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch b : to associate as a member
Both apply to being an affiliate in an online sense. When you become an affiliate for a program you become a branch of the particular business that you have joined but at the same time you are also a member.
Now the beauty of affiliate programs is that you can have products from a wide variety of vendors without having to create them or store them. You do not need to carry an inventory or handle any of the delivery problems.
All you have to do to fulfill your part is to send people to the program and let them handle the sale, money collection, delivery etc. For this you will receive a commission that can vary from about 3% to 75% depending on the product.
If you are looking to sell physical products you can use services like Amazon, Commission Junction, Linkshare or many others. Most physical products pay between 3% and 10%. If you are looking to sell digital products there are literally thousands of products available. Clickbank and Paydotcom are two of the largest programs which will allow you to sell other people's digital products.
We are going to look at the equipment you need to seriously run an internet business. There are some things that you absolutely must have and other things that you will want to get down the road.
The idea is pervasive online that you can earn huge amounts of money with little or no effort. This is a myth.
You are building a business and all normal business principles apply. You need to budget, keep records, and plan where you want to go. The internet can help to cut the time frame that it takes to achieve profit but it does NOT change the basics of building a successful venture.

November 29, 2014


StartXchange is a manual traffic exchange. You view websites and in return we'll send other members to your website. If you don't want to view websites there are various advertising packages available to purchase. We do not pay members to surf or refer.